Himeji Castle

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Hyogo, Japan Apr. 13 Sat 9:29PM

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Also known as White Heron Castle

Himeji Castle (Himejijo, in Japanese) is a stark white castle building sitting on top of a forested hill in Hyogo Prefecture. Because its grounds and infrastructure are so well preserved, it is often referred to as Japan’s most spectacular castle. It has been designated both an official National Treasure and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This structure is especially impressive in that it has never had to be rebuilt despite wars, earthquakes, fires, or the like. It is one of twelve Japanese castles to stand in its originally built form. Himejijo is over 400 years old.

The main entrance to the castle passes through the Otemon Gate. This area is open to the public, free of charge, and contains a large and beautiful cherry blossom tree lined park. The Hishi Gate marks the pay-to-enter area.

The path from Hishi Gate to the main castle winds around like a labyrinth, and was purposefully built this way to slow down attackers.

Admission to the paid areas costs 1000 yen for adults and is well worth the visit!

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