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Onsen Town

Kinosaki District is located on the coast of the Hyogo Prefecture. It is an onsen town built along a narrow river lined with willow trees! It is one of the most popular onsen towns in the Kansai Region of Japan among international and domestic travelers!

In the evenings guests of the Japanese style inns or “ryokan,” will stroll along the riverside in yukata and geta (wooden shoes). Guests of the ryokan gain free entry to any of the seven onsen bath houses in the area! It's a lovely place to walk around and take in the atmosphere of the onsen area.

Travelers with tattoos also need not worry, for they can also experience the onsens at Kinosaki Onsen. The 7 public bathhouses of Kinosaki Onsen are openly tattoo friendly.

Mt Taishi is not far away, and a ropeway that transports visitors up to Mt Taishi’s peak is within walking distance of the town. A panoramic view of Kinosaki town and the coastline awaits at the top of this mountain.

Kinosaki is also home to some summer matsuri festivals that visitors can take part in. Photos speak louder than words for this pleasant little coastal town. Serene, calm, and peaceful, but also lively and fun especially during peak seasons, Kinosaki onsen is the perfect spot to visit for onsen lovers.

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