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Hakodate is known for its captivating atmosphere and boasts a wealth of tourist attractions, including charming retro brick buildings and the breathtaking Mount HakodXate, renowned as one of the world's top three night views. Moreover, the city offers a delightful culinary scene, with highlights like the renowned Hakodate Ramen, delectable seafood from the Tsugaru Straits, and delectable local hamburgers, which draw in countless visitors all year round.

In 1854, the Treaty of Amity between Japan and the United States was signed, leading to the opening of the port of Hakodate. Concurrently, the Japanese shogunate constructed Goryokaku as a defensive structure and relocated the magistrate's office there. Following a devastating fire and a subsequent civil war, the city underwent reconstruction. This transformation shifted the political and administrative hub from Hakodate to Sapporo, which had previously served as the economic center. Today, Hakodate flourishes as Japan's inaugural trading port with a vibrant Western influence and culture.

Mt. Hakodate Ropeway and Spectacular Scenery!
Mount Hakodate provides a panoramic view of Hakodate's distinctive fan-shaped urban area, embraced by the Tsugaru Straits and Hakodate Port. The mesmerizing night view, illuminated by the city lights, and the captivating evening scene, where the sea takes on hues of red or gold, are truly remarkable. The ever-changing seasonal beauty adds to its charm.

For a breathtaking experience, visit the mountaintop observatory! The vista of Hakodate city, the surrounding sea, and the mountains is awe-inspiring. Accessible via a quick three-minute ropeway ride, it's a popular attraction.
Once a fortress, the area still bears traces of its wartime past, including gun emplacements, adding historical significance to its allure.

, once the Hakodate Gyakusho (Hakodate government office) overseeing politics in the Ezo region, now welcomes the public as a park since 1914, thanks to the petition of Hakodate citizens. Renowned as one of Hokkaido's top cherry blossom viewing spots, the park boasts 5,000 cherry tree saplings.
Late April to early May is the prime time to witness the blooming cherry blossoms. Adjacent to the park, the 107-meter Goryokaku Tower offers a breathtaking view of the pink-hued star-shaped Goryokaku, Hakodate city, Mount Hakodate, and the Tsugaru Straits. Plan your visit to coincide with the cherry blossoms and immerse yourself in their captivating beauty.
Mysterious snowy Goryokaku

Hakodate City Tram
The Hakodate City Tram is a convenient way to navigate the city, providing easy access to popular attractions like Yunokawa Onsen, Goryokaku, Motomachi, and the bay area. This efficient mode of transportation serves both locals and tourists alike. Of particular interest is the red "Hakodate Haikara-go" train, which operates from mid-April to the end of October. This restored chin-chin train exudes a charming retro ambiance.

Hakodate Morning Market
The Hakodate Morning Market is a seafood lover's paradise, located near the west exit of JR Hakodate Station. With its prime coastal location, Hakodate is renowned for its delectable seafood, and the market showcases an abundant variety. Featuring street stalls, a bustling morning market, and approximately 250 permanent stores, it offers a delightful experience. Throughout the year, visitors can indulge in three types of crabs: snow crab, king crab, and hairy crab, each available during different seasons.

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