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Hokkaido's Garden

Lavender is both an agricultural product and a tourist attraction in Hokkaido. Furano's fields have blooms of flowers in spring and summer that are multi-colored and planted in rows, making these fields incredibly beautiful. Other flowers bloom in Furano, too, including poppies, lupins, rape blossoms, lilies, cosmos, and slavias. 

Farm Tomita is often a popular visit for tourists in Furano. It is free to enter, and has cafes and shopping along with the flowers. Farm Tomita opened a second farm in 2008 called Lavendar East. Lavendar East has shopping, dining, an observation deck, and also the "Lavender Bus," which takes visitors on a fifteen minute ride through the fields. 

Farm Tomita 

Another popular farm to visit is Flower Land Kamifurano- it has beautiful views of the flower fields as well as the Tokachi Mountains, and has tractor-pulled carts that ride through the flower fields. Flower Land Kamifurano also offers activities related to flowers, like drying and pressing flowers, cutting lavender and crafts. 


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