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Unblemished Nature

Shiretoko National Park is located in eastern Hokkaido on the Shiretoko Peninsula. It is one of the most beautiful parks in Japan, and wildlife abounds, including bears, foxes, deer, and birds. Shiretoko became a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its irreplaceable value to Hokkaido and for the preservation of its beauty. 

Oshinkoshin Falls, or Oshinkoshin-no-taki, is one of the most spactacular waterfalls in the park. It is just off a coastal road, and the views are incredible. 

Oshinkoshin Falls 

Except in winter, sightseeing boats take visitors up the coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula. Tours leave from the Utoro Harboar and go either halfway or all the way up the peninsula. These landscapes can only be viewed by boat, as there are no roads in a significant part of the peninsula. Cliffs, waterfalls, and land and marine widelife can be viewed from the boats. A long cruise is about four hours, and shorter, 90 minute cruises are also offered. 

Utoro Harbor

During the winter, drift ice cruises are offered instead, which plow through the frozen waters. 


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