Shukkeien Garden

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Hiroshima, Japan May. 29 Wed 11:36AM

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Hiroshima's Most Pleasant Garden

Shukkeien Garden is located ated right in the middle of Hiroshima city, and makes a pleasant escape from the city atmosphere. The garden was commissioned right after the completion of Hiroshima Castle in 1620. Originally, the garden was not open to the public, but did open publicly in 1940. Five years later, the garden was destroyed in the atomic bombing of the city, and has since been restored to its original splendor.

Shukkeien is a perfect example of a traiditional Japanese garden. The name literally means "shrunken-scenery garden," which encompasses the natural landscape of valleys, mountains, rivers, and lakes represented in the garden. The garden was designed by a warrior and tea master, which explains why there are multiple teahouses located around the garden from which it can be observed at different angles. The garden also has a path that surrounds the circumference and is very pleasant to walk.  Today, the garden has a full schedule of tea ceremonies throughout the year, preserving the garden's tradition. There is also a tea shop with outdoor seating where visitors can enjoy tea, coffee, and Japanese sweets. 

The schedule for tea ceremony events throughout the year is: 

January - Oobuku Chakai (大福茶会) - Good Luck/ Health Tea Ceremony
February - Umemi Chakai (梅見茶会) - Plum Blossom Viewing Tea Ceremony
March - Momomi Chakai (桃見茶会) - Peach Blossom Viewing Tea Ceremony
April - Kanou Chakai (観桜茶会) - Cherry Blossom Viewing Tea Ceremony
May - Chyatsumi Chakai(茶摘茶会) - Tea Harvesting Tea Ceremony
June - Jyoubu Chakai(じょうぶ茶会) - Good Health Tea Ceremony
June - Taue-Matsuri Chakai(田植まつり) - Rice Planting Festival
August - Nouryou Chakai(納涼茶会) - Cool of the Evening Tea Ceremony
September - Keirou Chakai(敬老茶会) - Respect for Elders Tea Ceremony
September - Kangetsu Chakai(観月茶会) - Moon Viewing Tea Ceremony
November - Kikumi Chakai(菊見茶会) - Chrysanthemum Viewing Tea Ceremony
November - Momiji Chakai (もみじ茶会) - Japanese Maple Tea Ceremony

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