Hiroshima Flower Festival

Hiroshima Festivals

Hiroshima, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 1:22AM

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Hiroshima's Bright, Colorful Festival

Japan is known for their elaborate and lively festivals. One of the main and most anticipated festivals in Hiroshima is the flower festival. Every year, for three days, people come together to enjoy the festivities of Hiroshima's Flower Festival. It is an exciting event to attend for families and couples, but also for those who choose to attend solo as there is plenty to do and see. Held during Japan's 'Golden Week', Hiroshima transforms into a bustling center of activity. Flower themed parades are organized and many different performances are held, both on the stage and on the streets. There are also flowers adorning Hiroshima, that are grown in schools and other places in Hiroshima that are cultivated in an effort to bring vibrancy to Hiroshima.

The main attraction of the parade is perhaps the Yosakoi Dance Parade where tons of people show up in costume and makeup, and perform dances that combine both traditional dance and modern music. Many people come just to enjoy the performances and watch teams dance.

Besides the main attraction of the parade, there are also many different market stalls and shops that festival goers can enjoy and shop around at. Those who attend this event are sure to never be at a loss for things to do. There are also plenty of food stalls that sell delicious Japanese foods, as well as stalls with beer and sake for adults. Kids can enjoy activities as well in tents and booths specifically designed for children, and they can win snack prizes. 
A significant and relatively new addition to the festival is the candlelight service that is held, where people relay messages of peace and make origami cranes. The candles illuminate Peace Memorial Park and recognize Hiroshima's past. The candles are lit around 6pm and remain lit for a few hours making for a spectacular and touching sight to behold.
The Hiroshima Flower Festival has been going on for many years, and will continue to be a tradition that brings color, vibrancy, and themes of peace to the prefecture. 

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