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About Saitama: A Treasure Trove of "Unseen Japan”

Saitama Prefecture offers a variety of expressive landscapes that change with the seasons. Whether it is nature, food, culture, or pop culture, there is no doubt that you will discover something new.
Among the most famous are the "Little Edo" Kawagoe, where visitors can enjoy the Edo period warehouse-style streetscape, and Omiya Bonsai Village, full of traditional Japanese gardening techniques.
Moreover, Saitama Prefecture is just north of Tokyo. While enjoying a peaceful and quaint atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is also very accessible by public transportation. If you are going to Tokyo, Saitama is a perfect stopover.
Here are some of Saitama's attractions you can enjoy in a day.    

Map of Saitama - Just north of Tokyo


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