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More Than Just Osaka Station

Osaka Station is one of the most major stations in Osaka, but it is not served by the shinkansen, which instead goes through Shin-Osaka Station. 

Osaka Station was renovated in 2011 and is now Osaka Station City. Unlike before the renovation, the new station is extremely spacious and modern, and the trademark of the station is the large glass roof that overhands all of the railway tracks. 

Along with the station itself, Osaka Station City has shopping, restaurants, and entertainment that make it a lot more than just trains. 

The North Gate Building has a shopping mall, a movie theater, a gym, and gardens and green spaces. The Lucua is a shopping complex with hundreds of shops and 12 floors. Yawaragi no Niwa, or the Healing Garden, and Kaze no Hiroba, or Wind Plaza, are two gardens on the 10th and 11th floors of the North Gate Building with great views of Osaka. On the roof of the North Gate Building is Tenku no Noen, or Sky Farm, where there is a fruit and vegetable garden.


The South Gate Building contains a hotel, the 17-floor Daimaru Department Store with a Pokemon Center and Uniqlo, and the Taiyo no Hiroba, or Sun Plaza, on the 15th, 16th, and 17th floors is an outdoor space with benches, a restaurant, and great views of Osaka.

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