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Beautiful Beaches

Miyako-jima is located about 150 miles south of the Okinawa Main Island. Some of Okinawa's, and Japan's, best beaches are on the island, and they're great destinations for swimming and snorkeling. The land on the interior of the island is mostly sugar cane fields and a few small towns. 

The island is known for its beaches, and beach resorts and smaller pension style and guest house accomodations are found across the island. Because of the subtropical climate, it's possible to swim all year round. Like most of Okinawa, white beaches, transparent waters, colorful coral reefs, and a multitude of exciting diving locations characterize the island. There are a few popular beaches on the island. Maehama beach is a few miles of sandy white coast line with clear waters perfect for swimming, and other water sports. Yoshino Kaigan is perfect for snorkeling- colorful fish and color reefs are visible as soon as you step foot in the water. Sunayama Beach's interesting rock formations and white sand makes it another beautiful beach to visit. 

Sunayama Beach

Sunayama Beach in Okinawa

Miyako-jima in particular has beautiful islets around it, and is connected to three of them (Ikema-jima, Kurima-jima, and Irabu-jima) by bridges, and you can reach the islets by bike or by car. The bridges are just a few miles long, and the Ikema Ohashi bridge connects to Ikema Island at the northern edge of Miyako. At the southern tip of Miyako, the Kurima Ohashi bridge connects Miyako to Kurima Island. 

Kurima Ohashi

Kurima Ohashi Bridge in Okinawa

Other than beaches and beach views, there are other cultural attractions scattered across the islands, such as the Toyomiya (Tuyumiya) Grave, which is a designated cultural asset for its unique design. The Miyako City Botanical Garden also has over 1500 varieties of tropical plants. Cape Hennazaki is also well-known for its lighthouse. 

Miyako also does Okinawan food right- take a break from beaching and enjoy goya champuru (a bitter melon dish) or Okinawa soba, Okinawa's answer to ramen. 

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