Akame 48 Waterfalls

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Mie, Japan Apr. 13 Sat 10:48PM

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Shijuhachi Taki

In Japanese, these falls are called the Akame Shijuhaci Taki, which translates to Akame 48 Waterfalls. The falls are exactly how they sound – a series of 48 magnificent waterfalls trickling down into a narrow valley in Nabari. Apparently there are more than just 48 waterfalls in these forests, but the number 48 in Japanese is meant to signify “many.” The Akame Five Waterfalls are the most famous of these, and are named: “Fudo,” “Senju,” “Nunobiki,” “Ninai,” and “Biwa”. The eight-meter tall Ninai falls are widely considered to be the most beautiful.

Ninai Falls:

These falls are quite a ways from the rest of the popular attractions in Mie, and may be closer to visit if you are visiting the Nara area!

During drier times, the falls divide up into multiple streams, but during rainier seasons these falls can become full blown torrents, gushing through the forest’s rivers.

The entire journey to see all the waterfalls takes about 5 hours, but visitors can easily visit just a few falls and head back out of the forest. The path is easy to navigate (though it can be slippery at times,) and there are a number of teahouses and restrooms that lie along the 5 hour hiking trail.

Nearby, within the same forest, is the Japanese Salamander Center – home to a very large collection of giant salamanders from around the world! It is also possible to see the salamanders swimming in between the falls in the forest.

The Akame area was chosen as the training grounds for Iga style Ninjas. If you are visiting the Akame waterfalls and are interested in learning the style of the ninja, there are some Ninja companies nearby that rent out ninja suits or offer classes to learn ninja activities such as hiding, climbing, and jumping!

For those interested in camping, there is a campground just downstream of the main falls that is accessible to the public.

This untouched piece of nature is a magical sight to behold, and can be visited for a long hike alone, for a romantic adventure, or with a group of friends!

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