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Kyoto, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 3:06AM

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Austere Refinement

Shojin-ryori developed from eating habits of monks. In strict Buddhism, the taking of animal life, including fish, is prohibited, so Buddhist monks make do without animal protein in their diet. Shojin-ryori is all vegetarian, which makes Kyoto an especially good place to try it, as tofu is a local specialty in Kyoto. Yudofu, or tofu boiled in broth, is one of the most common dishes in shojin-ryori. Tofu in Japan is similar to "silken tofu" in other countries. The dish is hot and filling, which is why it is a favorite of travelers to Buddhist monks who are weary after the long hikes to the temples. 

The Arashiyama disctrict is known for its Yudofu and shojin-ryori.

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