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When one thinks of Kanagawa Prefecture, one of the main places that come to mind is Hakone. Hakone is a popular hot-spring destination amongst both foreign travelers and people living throughout Japan. And as it is a short trip away from Tokyo, Hakone tends to be a more easily accessible location for an onsen getaway than other places.

But what is there to do in Hakone?

Lake Ashinoko

One of the most popular things to do in Hakone is visit Lake Ashinoko, also known as Lake Ashi. Lake Ashi is known for its beauty- the lush trees surrounding the waters and the view of Mt.Fuji from the lake on clear days. Lake Ashi is a crater lake southwest of Mount Hakone. The lake is considered a symbol of Hakone, and many people picture this place when they think of Hakone in general. 


Another place that people tend to visualize when they think of Hakone is Owakudani. Owakudani is a valley within an active volcanic zone, and is known for its pungent sulfuric smell. Around this area, natural hot springs and hot rivers can be viewed, and people also enjoy taking walks along a pathway to view bubbling pools and steaming vents. You can also try a black hot-spring egg, a must-try of the area. Many people opt to take the ropeway ride that takes riders down to Lake Ashi, but some people opt for the long hike instead.

Open Air Museum

The Open Air Museum is a popular attraction and an art museum located a short walk away from Chokoku No Mori Station. As many of the exhibits are located outside, and the museum attempts to balance nature with the exhibitions. For those who enjoy art, what can be better than enjoying it against a backdrop of deep emerald trees and mountains?

Hakone Hot Springs

Of course, one of the major reasons people go to Hakone is because Hakone is a well-known hot-spring resort. With many ryokans and onsens in the area, many travelers come to Hakone for the traditional Japanese experience. In addition, there is a well-known hot-spring amusement park where people can even soak in warm coffee and even wine! 

In addition to these places, there are many things to do a short train ride or bus ride away in neighboring towns and villages. Surrounded by nature, but with many activities and such so close-by, Hakone is truly an ideal getaway and must-visit location for travelers.

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