Hiroshima Things to See

Hiroshima, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 2:46AM

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Peaceful Temples

Step back in time to the era of our seafaring ancestors when you visit Onomichi in Eastern Hiroshima prefecture. Despite the fact that the city was founded as recently as 1898, the area has served as a port town and rice shipment center since at least 1168! The quaint essence of a simpler era lingers in the air as you traverse Onomichi’s famous sloping landscapes. Temple Walk, which connects some 25 temples of various Buddhist schools, has attracted visitors from all over the country (and the world) and become one of Onomichi’s most well known sights.

In addition, Onomichi is renowned for its contributions to the modern world. Serving as the birthplace for several famous authors and artists, it is depicted as the setting for many famous works. Most famous perhaps is the legendary Japanese filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu’s magnum opus, Tokyo Story, often cited by cinema fans as the greatest film ever made.

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