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About Kochi

Kochi Prefecture is located on the island of Shikoku in Japan. There are eleven cities with Kochi being the capital. About 7% of the land area is designated Natural Parks and the land is characterized by mountainous terrain. 
Much like many other prefectures in Japan, Kochi resides by the ocean and therefore is blessed with gorgeous oceanside scenery. A lot of the cuisine also involves seafood. No matter what season, Kochi remains stunning.

Where To Go

---Hirome Market---
Hirome Market is located in Kochi City of Kochi Prefecture. Visitors can enjoy a plethora of different food stands and restaurants to sample all kinds of delicious Japanese food. There are also shops selling various little knick-knacks making this place an entertaining and fun place for visitors to explore. Another similar market to check out also in Kochi City is the Sunday Market which is essentially like a farmer's market.

---Okwa-suji Old Samurai Residence---
In Kochi City, there is a building that was once a samurai residence. It is now a samurai mansion museum. Visitors can get a glimpse into the history and feel a part of Japanese culture here. There is another samurai residence in Aki City called Doikachu, that has remained relatively untouched, in the sense that the original shape of the building is still intact.

---Sea of Clouds---
For those who enjoy nature, being able to see the sea of clouds is sure to leave visitors awestruck. During certain times when fog and clouds converge over mountains in Yutorisuto Park Otoyo, people can observe a blanket of clouds that form a layer over the mountain. It is not guaranteed that visitors will see the Sea of Clouds as weather conditions have to permit, but the best time to see it is supposedly in the early mornings of November and December.

What To Eat

---Katsuo no Tataki---
Katsuo no Tataki is seared bonito, and the most famous dish of Kochi. Traditionally the fish is seared over a rice straw fire where the skin of the fish is crisped, but the insides remain raw. The dish is usually served with soy sauce and vinegar, as well as garlic and green onions, but some eat it with salt or even ponzu instead. Supposedly the best time to try this dish is in August because the fish store more fat making for a more creamy and delicious fish. Bonito in general is a big staple in Kochi, and visitors can find various different treats and dishes made from bonito and its byproducts.

Kinmedai is another type of fish known in English as alfonsino. Kinmedais are said to live in the waters in Muroto and are a bright orange-red in color. The best time to try the fish is in winter when these fish put on the most amount of fat. This local fish can be made into a variety of different dishes including kinme-don and teriyaki. The former is Kinmedai sashimi topped over rice, and the latter is Kinmedai broiled with teriyaki or soy sauce. Some people put it into a nabe, or hot pot, for a rich flavored soup. 

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