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Kagawa is a lesser-known and lesser-visited prefecture in Japan. Although there are many places worth visiting in Kagawa and many places unexplored by the average traveler, there is one exception. Naoshima. 

Naoshima is relatively well known throughout Japan, and outside of Japan, as the art island of the country. Although not as visited as say popular destinations like Tokyo and Kyoto, Naoshima has definitely garnered more and more interest than times past. It is especially a bucket-list destination for those with a special interest in art and architecture, and just looking into the island it's easy to see why.

Naoshima is an island located off the coast of Okayama, right above Kagawa of Shikoku Island, and is part of Kagawa Prefecture. It most recently was put back in the general public's eyes as one of the locations that partook in the Setouchi Triennale Festival, an art festival that occurs every three years. The art festival spanned several seasons, with multiple prefectures taking part, and showcased artwork through set themes. The festival was held, not only in appreciation of art and of Setouchi, but to boost the public's awareness about the region and all encompassing places.

Aside from taking part in a rare art event, Naoshima has more permanent art fixtures that have become iconic to the place and a must-visit landmark. With many art museums and art displays, there is never a loss for things to see. Arguably the most famous being the architecture museum, "Benesse House Museum" that functions as both a museum and a place of accommodation. The museum also houses one of the icons of Naoshima, the famous yellow and black pumpkin. There are also many art sculptures to be seen including the other red pumpkin sculpture. Many of the buildings, themes, and hot-spots of the island have an artistic theme to it or center around art and architecture, making it ideal for the creative, the open-minded, and the artistic. But Naoshima, is great for everyone, even those that aren't exactly art aficionados. Anyone can appreciate the artwork to be found here. 

But it's not just museums and art, but the whole island in some ways is its own exhibition in that the sights around are completely beautifully serene, simple, and peaceful. There are also the classic Japanese sights that are equally beautiful including temples, shrines, and pagodas. There are also friendly and warm people, and a gorgeous balance of buildings and nature by the sea, that makes Naoshima so amazing. Naoshima isn't solely about art, but Naoshima is art.

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